Local & National Missions


Inspired by the need of two young Indianapolis girls who suffer from a genetic bone disorder that requires regular visits to a Baltimore specialist — more than 11 hours away by car — we researched available charitable air ambulance services in the Midwest and were disappointed to find only a few in existence in the entire country. As told to us by the largest non-medical charity transport company, the need for air ambulance charity service is HUGE.┬áMany people are unable to afford the transport to get the medical care they so desperately need. With the support of charitable funding, Grace on Wings provides transport to patients who are needing to go to or from the Midwest for important treatment.


For over a decade, Life Centers (formerly known as Crisis Pregnancy Center) has been reaching women facing difficult decisions because of uncertain futures. Their mission is to affirm the value of life by providing a network of care and counsel to those experiencing a pregnancy related crisis.


Servant’s Heart was established to help families in Beech Grove and the surrounding area by providing year-round support for those struggling to make ends meet. Assistance is available for all persons residing in the Beech Grove community and adjacent southeast areas of Marion county.


Wheeler Mission is an inner city mission that has served Indianapolis for over 100 years. It seeks to meet not only the basic needs of individuals, but also present the gospel of Jesus Christ.




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