The  Elders represent the congregation under the Lordship of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The Elders shepherd the Church, guard the purity of doctrine, establish policy consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws, and are responsible for the interpretation of the Constitution and Bylaws.  They minister in prayer, teach Scriptures, counsel the needy, comfort the afflicted, visit the sick and disciple believers.  They are shepherds in the Body.

The 2018 Elder Board:

RyanSteenburgW. Ryan Steenburg is Senior Pastor and oversees Preaching, Teaching, Home Groups, Men’s Ministry and Membership




SilhoutteGary McCabe is Chairman, moderator, and oversees Missions Ministries.




Matt Handy is Vice Chairman and oversees the Nominating Ministry.




SilhoutteSteve Agal  is Church Secretary and oversees Worship Ministries.




SilhoutteRick Bishop oversees Deaconess, Women’s, and Prayer Ministries




SilhoutteSteve Conlin oversees Finance, Stewardship, Deacons, Children and Youth Ministries



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